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Exclusive and Personalized Real Estate Services


The sale of luxury properties is a multifaceted process with different case histories for each transaction.

Whatever your goals, Best Luxury Property is here to help you by always providing you with the excellence of personalized real estate services to create a unique and satisfying experience for all our clients who want to sell a luxury property or a prestigious property in a short time. and in the utmost confidentiality.



Promoting a luxury property for an international clientele requires specific expertise .

Best Luxury Property Luxury Real Estate employs a team of experienced professionals in the sector , expression of a plurality of skills.

Thanks to their work, he manages to optimize and make the most of every exclusive property in his portfolio .

The emotional component  when buying a luxury property it is increasingly crucial.

Not only is a necessary good achieved, but a dream cultivated over time is also realized.

Sure of this approach, Best Luxury Property bases its sales strategies on customized solutions , based on a mix of tools, given a multiplicity of variables.

From the type of property, to its explicit characteristics , to the implicit ones.

The marketing of a property is therefore structured not only on the property sheet of the company website.

The evocative videos shot with use  of drones , monographs capable of enhancing the specific elements of luxury properties for sale and professional photographic services are other powerful means on which we structure our activities.

At the request of the seller, these valuable marketing and communication aids are directed to the customers of our database.

Always on request, Best Luxury Property Luxury Real Estate is able to promote the property card in international circuits, through Real Estate Marketing campaigns  targeted on major search engines . (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

Without forgetting the international visibility of our site translated into the two key languages in the panorama of luxury real estate , each ad can be seen by customers from all over the world .

For each service made available to the customer - be it owner or buyer - Best Luxury Property Luxury Real Estate guarantees maximum confidentiality and discretion .

All in order to guarantee absolute privacy.

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Services for the Owner


Thanks to thirty years of experience in the prestigious real estate sector, Best Luxury Property has reached the highest levels of specialization and professionalism aimed at significantly expanding the offer of qualified services and differentiated services .

The constant work and the high commitment of every day created in such a way as to combine resources and highly qualified personnel with know-how and with specific skills, has led Best Luxury Property to be over the years one of the most known and appreciated companies in the luxury real estate market , able to fully satisfy the requests of our customers ensuring their reliability and transparency but also the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Great attention is paid to understanding and accommodating the specific needs of owners who entrust us with their property for sale.

For this reason, a lot of energy and synergies are invested to guide our actions, following an in-depth discussion with the seller , to the correct interpretation of the customer's requests , determining their needs, identifying their priorities and, above all, specifying the means .

In this way, a tailor-made and differentiated personalized service is outlined for each customer to which we guarantee flexibility in defining the sales strategies to be followed by selecting the reference target by identifying and profiling with careful and adequate customer verification ( Customer Due Diligence ) as by anti-money laundering legislation in force only potential and reliable buyers .

We enhance the luxury property or prestige property for sale with dedicated studies and services such as historical research  And  aerial photos by implementing marketing strategies at the highest level aimed at a specific country or clientele by adopting highly visible promotional initiatives.

We also make use of the collaboration of editors of important national and international newspapers and magazines and we use innovative communication tools such as the internet, newsletters and our exclusive dedicated monographs and we guarantee our presence and assistance even in foreign countries thanks to the support of international partners. .

Our sole purpose is to create a relationship of trust with our client by placing all our professionalism and our resources at his disposal in order to guarantee a successful transaction by solving any problems that may arise.

Services for the Buyer


36 years of constant and professional activity in the luxury real estate brokerage sector have allowed us to create a reliable and credible corporate image thanks to which we have established an intense network of national and international relations that have allowed us to increase our competitiveness .

We offer a very wide and differentiated offer of luxury properties and prestigious properties suitable to satisfy multiple requests, but we also present the possibility of developing dedicated research which, thanks to an in- depth knowledge of the context in which we operate and to synergies with expert collaborators , allow us to identify the property suitable for the customer in the event that the properties managed by us do not fully meet his needs.

We make our specialized resources available to carry out specific research aimed at acquiring proposals consistent with the requests made, recommending only the real estate solutions that possess the desired characteristics.

To guarantee a 100% secure transaction, we not only carry out an in- depth check of the proposed properties by analyzing the documentation relating to town planning compliance, ascertaining any mortgages and examining the cadastral documents but also making a careful and scrupulous customer verification check also on the owners .

Once we have identified the properties suitable for your requests , we will organize the inspections to view them and once we have chosen the one suitable for you , we will provide the necessary specialist advice during the negotiation which, in the case of non-Italian buyers, will be facilitated by professionals who will guarantee assistance in the language. foreign.

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Are you looking for a luxury property or a prestigious property  but you don't have the time, the desire or the necessary competence to do it independently?

Don't worry ... we do it for you by looking for it in the destination of your choice.

Click on the button below and discover our tailor -made personalized search service for your new home.  

Online Consulting


Do you have a doubt and would like to have an opinion or advice from an expert ?

Do you want to get an initial rough advice on the real market value of your luxury property or are you interested in visiting one from the comfort of your home with our virtual tours?  

Well ... Don't leave the house!  

Click on the service you are interested in and call now to schedule a private videoconference using the Google Meet or Zoom platform.

The future of the real estate market starts from digital!


Online Consulting

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