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Luxury Home Hunter in Italy

Find your luxury property in Italy
with our 
Luxury Home Hunter Service



It's me ... my name is Antonio N. L'Abbruzzi, I am a licensed real estate agent in business for 36 years in the Italian real estate market and I specialize in the search for exclusive commissions for a specific luxury property or a prestigious property for those customers who want a service of excellence and superior quality, guaranteeing fundamental advantages and saving time and money!


As a party agent, also known as a Buyer Agent, I operate solely in the interest of the buyer acting on his behalf acting as a trusted advisor and not for both parties as a normal real estate agent usually operates, so I will act as if I were to try to buy a property myself. luxury property, with all the benefit of my field experience and negotiation skills that I will put at your service.


If you rely on me, I guarantee you an excellent service at the top of the range, because in my 36 years of activity I have acquired a great deal of experience and a deep knowledge of the Italian real estate market and I have built a vast network of relationships rooted in the Italian territory.


The ideal client is someone like you who does not have the time to look for a property of his interest for personal reasons, lack of knowledge of the area, foreign residence or for work reasons.

Once I have received the assignment, I will immediately activate myself by looking for a luxury property or prestigious property  desired by you by consulting ALL the real estate market of reference, selecting for you only those as close as possible to the desired characteristics and relating everything to the customer.

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We will make the first appointment at your home in person (if possible) or by videoconference, together with your loved ones to listen to your requests and needs and together we will establish the best possible choice according to your wishes.


I need to know all the details that the property must have to understand and satisfy all your wishes to carry out a targeted search.



... Absolutely nothing!


While looking for your luxury property or your new prestigious property, you can continue to do your daily activities, think about your interests and your family with complete serenity.

In the meantime, I will constantly update you on the progress of the search for your new home

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Villa Italiana



Once I have identified the luxury property or prestige property that best meets the requirements you requested, I will carry out all the urban planning, cadastral, tax and mortgage investigations for you and then start an appropriate negotiation with the counterparty to make you proceed in total serenity and security with the purchase of your luxury property or prestigious property with a purchase proposal or by going directly to the preliminary sales contract (compromise)




Before you know how much my service costs, ask yourself these questions:


How much is it worth buying a luxury property or a prestigious property in total safety?


How much time and money I would have wasted looking for the property on the Internet on my own, making phone calls, going back and forth to the various agencies to make appointments viewing the houses not suitable for my needs, performing all the necessary document checks myself , negotiate the price with an unknown real estate agent who only thinks of his interest and not that of his clients?


... Everything is worth it!


Here, this is the value of our service!


And if you close the sale as a result of my intervention, the cost of the service will be discounted by the agreed commission.

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